photoshoot w| celebrity photographer MARK SACRO

..heard a rumor these were getting submitted to huh?


AAF academy hired me to come in & do the hair for their graduating students photoshoots..
marc sacro..the amazing.photographed it. and makeup for all.
see and hear them here.


was just asked to do the hair for a magazine launch held at KODAK.

to my surprise::its was for PROJECT RUNWAY'S Jerell Scott &
Korto Momolu's designs.

I gave Amber from NBC & TV GUIDE the whole 'old hollywood glam look.

Jerell with the male models.what!? SHing.{mix between s#*! and thing.}

we are so BFF.

how the heck do the celebs look so good on the red carpet? i need to work on my pose.
{i look prego.}

i want one of those hats! so Del Mar horse tracks
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