.santa animals [S] film.

not the usual glitz&glam..
i had to make these dudes look a little drugged up.
coral shadow smudged below lower lashline..and red liner in the water line.
paled out face and for dark circles..i applied a foundation 4 shades darker..
and blotted with a medium brown bronzer and dabbed it with a plum matte shadow.

applied the same foundation to lips and blotted with a translucent powder..
{pursing lips while applying to get a chapped-cracked look}
we also cut chunks out of his hair and never washed it.
taber-one of the writers-had a cameo-an almost dead guy with a nice bloody nose.check it.

..i spy a yellow monkey on that mini van..

while catching grapes in our mouths at lunch..paul thought it would
be cool to step on a rusty nail ..going right through his shoe..
and was taken right away to the er for a tetanus shot..
made it back for our second location in no time.


Gavin smelt like fresh cucumbers and mint.ugh!
O.A.R. ...Eve..and Erin McCarley. &--love her. Jordan's stylist came unprepared..so i loaned
him my creamy molding wax for her fly aways.
and John Mayer..so flippin tall!
just did the makeup/hair styling for CBS' AMBER VALDEZ
up on the CARNIVAL Cruz ship-MAYER CRAFT

see it HERE and...HERE!

got VIP seats..and sat right next to Sara.gave her my card..what!?
partied it up with E! MTV Us Weekly and VH1 of course.
such a fun night.great concert!unreal.

CBS mobile-Daily Delivery

we shoot about 5 episodes a day..so i'm changing up her look for this next shot
see it here.and here.

so..dancing with the stars is tapped on the same lot..we shot this the same day that
psycho-stalker tried sneaking in...{was found with duck tape and knives in his car...}
..heard over a walkie talkie..


i love working with Pegah.she is one fabulous stylist.check her out.

check out Harold's latest work here!
shot in the beautiful hills of Calabasas..Malibu.
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