tinkerbell.airline gal.piiiiirate.french maid..this job is carazy.
my first gig breaking into the bizzz..
check it out. this is what got me out of the salon and out of my stinkin RUT.
all the way up in Santa Clarita..45min NORTH of LA.
definitely not the normal babe hair+false lashes..& to only pack dirt for touchups?
hooray! its finally out and went to quite a few film festivals..
this won an ACCOLADE for best short!woohoo.
click here to watch it..just dont eat chicken for a week or two.

blonde today..brunette tomorrow.

what a bangin brunette ay?

i love love loOoove doing shine gloss treatments..
hydrating.sleek and shiny..non damaging..
and GLOSssSssSY!
i like to use em on my blondes too..
in between the blonde foils i'll slather the rest in a crystal-clear gloss.
finally! blondes can have shine too!
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