this piece is going to be so random, cant wait..kind of comicbook style..with pops of texture and color..all i can say is...treadmills are fantastic.


CBS-mobile's Amber Valdez, walks the red carpet,
{i did her hair+makeup}
watch it .here.

behind the scenes...weddings...

this bride's normal makeup routine included gloss and sometimes mascara, so we went with a polished up look..without taking her too dramatic.she didn't need much!

gotta have my dior-show mascara, and big sexy hairspray.
isn't the MOB a cutie!!

::photoshoot...{can't say}

inspired by the Veronica Lake

no gel or wet set used here...curl.brush out.coif.clip and shilack.
finish by heat setting the wave pattern in between each clip{while still clipped}

after the shoot..she had a hot date, so i transformed it into this quick updo..
SO much hair-braided half and threw it into a mess of hair


babe hair. that's all i can say.the girl-wolverine.HOTNESS..

inspired by the classic red carpet celeb look-
lauren.eva.mischa.whitney.they've all worn this look
{the hair}

the makeup was in transition..


its all about the big hair this year..soft.romantic.and not too many tight chignons.
very anthro..{bridal runthru, just cant wait for the wedding..}

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