and to think we almost wigged it...
1920s hair is my absolute favorite. for this one we were going for
more of a Roxy Heart look from chicago..a messy veronica lake..
ps..they are digitally changing her heels to gold in case you were wondering
Guenevere+King Arthur
oooooh this makes me want red hair again!!
to get this look:
twist each piece 1/2 a turn and wrap around the smallest
curler you have..making sure to really saturate the ends to get that
curl look..then piece out and separate each curl making sure
not to get too fluffy..
products used:
big sexy hair play+stay spray &
kenra heat activated curl spray


this shoot was seriously as fun as it looks..sand.seaweed and splashin..
perfect sunny days+we shot in the dead of winter too!!!
meet jenni. beautiful bride.still waiting on images from this wedding.. but heres a quick one from my i also do her cut+color.oooo my wheatie blondes..oh how i love them.
have you seen those cool DIGITAL white board pens? they are so cool!!
we also did their wireless printers+digital map tables.
EPSON Powerlite 92+93 multimedia projector
madamm vampire
to get these size curls around her face i used a pinki sized curling iron..
the same one i use for african american curls..
alternate the direction of curls tho-they'll look more natural.
styling wigs is quite hard..there are A LOT of rules.
like:no curling irons..or flat irons..or brushing or
anything you wouldn't do to miss barbie.
so we have to roll the strands in curlers+use a steamer to set them.
typePAD NAILS:here's the how2
1paint nails a nice chalky color
2rip a piece of newsprint to size
3dip in rubbing alcohol
4press firmly onto nail10seconds
5finish+seal with topcoat
new fun nail trend. thanks hayhay for the inspiration!
my favorite were the big numbers+random faces i found.
it was fun to do a darker version of our dear swanprincess

hottip: i like to mix-in black lipstick to darken ANY look.
ps..dont you love hipstamatic..? tho this one came out a little
crazier then realllllllife..her foundation was much cleaner then this
special delivery!
i have the best clients in the world.
when i was prego..they brought me
jars and jars of kalamata olives and gummy worms..
countless hot cocoas..and oh my goodness
maple oat nut scones from starbucks..mmmmm
but miss natalie had this baby shipped back from NY.
a BLINGED out lipstick.serious?i neeeeded this!
oh how i love you for loving me..mmwah mmmwah!

pirate wench.greek goddess.medusa
lets just say the medusa didnt go over well with the GREENscreen.
the secret product for this shoot:
dry shampoo.oh how i love thee.
my fav is called psssssst! found in the depends area..
sprays on even and clear. its great for creating
volume+getting the piecey-bed hair
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