i just spent the weekend in LA..doing hair&makeup for this short film..

meet gretel:haggish.filthy.cook-maid.wasted

this house was awesome.built in 1908.no heat.no plumbing.a FREEZING 30˚something!!

the master had grey roots and brows to start..i used Laura Mercier's coffee ground shadow to fill in..Origins-gingersnap blush and Laura Mercier's-bare lips sheer lip color..and set with translucent powder to give it a natural-matte look..also used a dry angled brush and applied a soft line of shadow along the lash line top+bottom to POP the eyes. i love men with makeup!

i got to work with the amazing Taylor Trikilis and Jesse Brunt be sure to watch his reel...hope i get to work with them again..
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